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Photo editing for Windows

There are innumerable photo editing software available for Windows. Windows being the most common type of operating system supports a lot of photo editing software like the Adobe Photoshop.

The basic type of features that most of the software would have are rotating the image, removing the red eye, crop the unnecessary details, darken the photo and adjust the contrast. These features are a must for any photo editing tool.

Exploring the best of Photoshop

You ask any professional photographer about a photo editing tool, and he/she would say it is Adobe Photoshop. It has gained a lot of importance in the photo industry. Lets talk about the Photoshop CS3. This is the most trending photo editor that can be used by the photographers, web designers, graphic designers and artists.

Automatic blending and alignment- This is absolutely a time saver. When multiple pictures are clicked and combined into an image, the Photoshop summarizes the whole content and aligns them perfectly so that the common areas overlap.

The quick selection tool- This tool helps you to click and drag an image to make it a fast selection. It actually cuts down a lot of time to refine the selection edges. You can also preview the edge adjustments with different types of backgrounds and at the same time you can make changes too.

Creating monochrome image- This is an excellent feature that converts a photo into black and white. When you press the Auto button, the Photoshop analyzes the photo and chooses the optimal settings. There are also presets like maximum white, maximum black, infrared, high contrast red filter, and so on.

Thus, if you are a professional and would like to install a smart photo editor that does most of the job for you, then the Photoshop CS3 is meant for you.

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